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Parents & Educators

Why AgentCubes? Move beyond Consumption!

Kids today are very sophisticated consumers of technology. Teaching kids to be producers of new technology (games, apps) is a great first step to mastery – from creative problem solving with technology to important skills required for their future jobs. Making a game teaches you how computer games work (and more) through incredibly fun and engaging activities!

How does AgentCubes Work? Scaffolded balance between Challenge and Mastery!

AgentCubes is a programming environment that gets you started immediately with our intuitive, built-in programming tools. Guided by tutorials when needed, kids create characters and worlds and program their behaviors with a drag and drop interface. We have curricula to program a Frogger game in just ONE hour independently and our classroom curricula are for one- or two-week modules.

Motivation is Built In! 3D for Everyone!

We don’t separate learning and doing. Kids get started right away creating their 3D characters! With the patented Inflatable Icons tool, simply draw them in 2D, then watch them inflate to 3D with the press of a button. AgentCubes Visual AgenTalk language allows students to visually program their game components immediately, and our patented Conversational Programming makes correcting logic errors easy! AgentCubes has been proven to be engaging and inspirational to kids, and not just those in computer club. Better still, there are no limits – AgentCubes is complex enough for advanced simulation modelers from university graduate students to NASA scientists!

Results! We Take Education Seriously.

With AgentCubes, students are NOT guinea pigs in an educational experiment. We’ve done our homework and tested our products – not just for software bugs, but for learning outcomes. The Stanford University School of Education and the University of Colorado School of Education have tested our software and curricula in classrooms for usability and efficacy. Well over 10,000 students have demonstrated that Computational Thinking – that is, the logic used to develop algorithms and solve all programming problems– improves with use of our products to build games and scientific simulations. Results also show that students across the board – girls, boys, underrepresented minorities, inner city, suburban, rural – are all motivated by classes using our products and curricula. AgentSheets, Inc. products are used with students from elementary school to post-graduate studies. Large school districts, such as Aurora Public Schools, use AgentSheets, Inc. products as part of a comprehensive K-12 Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) program. NASA scientists have used our software to put simulations on a Space Shuttle Mission.

Exceed the Standards

We don’t believe in just meeting standards when it comes to our kids! AgentSheets, Inc. products are designed to exceed educational standards. Our products have been proven to meet and exceed skill mastery outlined in NETS, FITs, Common Core, and even the new Emerging Science Standards.