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Our Team

Roll over the images of Our Team and match the hobbies to the team member! Answers below.

Roll over the images of Our Team and match the hobbies to the team member! Answers below.

Nadia Repenning

Nadia has a strong international business background that helped her establish AgentSheets, Inc. to bring computational thinking to schools in the US and abroad. Passionate about the role technology can play in education for all kids, she is especially focused on the success of AgentSheets software in motivating girls in computer science. Nadia also serves on the board of the Temple Grandin School for Asperger’s students. Nadia speaks five languages and leads game design courses for teachers around the world. On the weekends when the snow is not flying, she can be found riding her motorcycle in the mountains of Colorado taking marvelous photographs.

Alex Repenning

Dr. Alex is an established world leader and recognized innovator in End-User Programming, and the creator of AgentSheets. His research and products have received numerous awards worldwide and he has been named “Best of the Best Innovators” by the Association for Computing Machinery. When he is not mountain biking in his native Switzerland, he is an advisor to the National Academy of Sciences, the European Commission, and the National Science Foundation. The man behind the “Agent,” (and sporting the same sunglasses), he is a talented artist whose playful side led to Inflatable Icons. He is the author of over 60 scientific publications, holds several patents, and is a popular speaker. He is currently a part-time professor of Computer Science at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Bob Owen

Dr. Bob is a former NASA physicist and founding member of AgentSheets, Inc. He holds several patents, and is the recipient of numerous honors as well as a talented tennis player. His enthusiasm for all things technical has led him to found and direct four technology-based firms. In addition, he serves as a founding member on the Board of Directors of the Colorado Photonics Industry Association, and also reviews and referees research for Applied Optics, Optic Letters, Optical Engineering, and the Journal of Optical Imaging.

Mike Minerva

A card-carrying native Coloradan, Mike joined us straight out of the University of Colorado where he worked for Dr. Repenning on a project exploring video game consoles as a platform for agent-based graphical end-user programming. Mike loves Boulder, where he can play softball, grab some yummy Mexican food and never miss a Broncos game. His passion for strategic board games is mirrored by his excellence in software architecture and programming for GUI design and implementation, 3D graphics, parallel processing, software quality assurance, and cross platform development.

Harold Hausman

Harold is a wicked programmer and musician swaddled in the warmth of classical mathematics training. He's attracted to anything in the intersection of challenging and interesting and has a deep commitment to creativity; specifically creativity-enhancing tools. He has a warm, heartfelt love for abstraction, higher-level anything, and powerful technology that augments the capacity of creators. He has a keen attention to detail and an eye for quality nocked taut and aimed directly at the heart of empowering everyone (artists, programmers, kids, etc.) to be more creative in their use of technology.

Corrina Smith

Corrina began her career as a rocket scientist developing artificial intelligence programs for command, control, and diagnosis of spy satellites. She approaches everything as a full-body experience whether she's writing programs that write programs or working with corporate or non-profit branding through social media. Her thirst for knowledge has brought her a many-faceted career with experience and certifications in Sports Massage Therapy, Yoga Instruction, and as a 3rd level wine sommelier. Her passion for education has led to award-winning research in educational technology, and she stays involved in the field, even though her gluten free desserts also win ribbons.

Yasko Endo

When Yasko isn't writing copy and planning product placement and messaging for AgentCubes, she gets her creative kick designing musical theater and circus costumes for her kids. Feeding giraffes is one of her favorite activities along with hiking and dancing. Yasko studied systems engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology, then continued her studies at University of Northern Colorado, then earned her Masters degree at Colorado State University.


Yoshi, who is not named after the Nintendo character, programmed his first AgentSheets game at age 8. He brings his experience as a gamer, RPG player, and digital artist to design visually interesting, audience appropriate website layout and content. He is also one of the AgentCubes Forum moderators. Yoshi attends National Circus School Montreal college, and aspires to balance a career in circus with digital design.


Growing up with her twin (Lorenzo) and AgentSheets software, it was only natural that Viviana started teaching other kids and even teachers to design agents and program. An aspiring orthodontist, Viviana has created artwork for company materials. She loves to travel, watch movies and ski. She has been using ASI technologies since Kindergarten.


Already an accomplished programmer by middle school, Lorenzo has created games that are now integrated with ASI software. When not finishing high school and choosing a Computer Science program, he teaches teachers and students to program in AgentSheets and AgentCubes, creates and fixes networks, and does testing. He loves mountain biking, cooking, wicked BBQ, and plans to be a technology innovator. Lorenzo moderates the AgentCubes Forum with Yoshi.


Collage Puzzle

1. Nadia Repenning, CEO a. Circus Performance
2. Alex Repenning, CTO b. Mountaineer
3. Bob Owen, VP c. Movies, skiing
4. Mike Minerva, Programmer d. Horseback riding, training
5. Harold Hausman, Programmer e. Motorcycling, traveling
6. Corrina Smith, Product Manager f. League of Legends
7. Yasko Endo, Consultant g. Mountain biking
8. Yoshi, Junior Programmer h. Programming, cooking
9. Lorenzo, Junior Programmer i. Softball
10. Viviana, Art j. Tennis
Solution: 1e, 2g, 3j, 4i, 5f, 6d, 7b, 8a, 9h