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AgentCubes Video

In this video, you will get a quick overview of AgentCubes. See how easy it is to create 3D characters and all kinds of worlds for your game and then watch how you can program your game visually on the fly with the Visual AgenTalk programming language.

How to Make a Volcano in AgentCubes

In this video, go deeper into Inflatable Icons with AgentCubes Creator Dr. Alex Repenning, and watch how you can turn 2D into 3D and then use the tools of Inflatable Icons to add noise, change the ceiling, change colors and create a volcano in 2D and 3D.

Gentle Slope 3D: 3D Authoring for Everyone

In this video, explore creating a 3D game in AgentCubes with Gentle Slope 3D. Dr. Repenning starts with a 2D version of skobokan and converts it into a 3d game. Here he uses the "cube" option to turn simple 2D tiles into brick wall components, and crates into 3D cartons. Then he shows you how to inflate a 2D lobster into a 3D lobster with the "inflate" tool. Learn to use the selective deflation to create the targets for the cartons. Learn to play in 1st person view.